Monday, 31 October 2016

Quick update

This is just a quick update to let you know how the pups are progressing.  They're now having 3 solid food meals a day which they LOVE but as they all tend to eat at different speeds we are feeding them 2 at a time to make sure they all get equal amounts.  This in itself is hectic as the ones that are waiting make it quite clear that they don't want to wait for more than 10 seconds to get theirs :o)  The noise is deafening !!!  Anyway they all get some in the end and then its up to Angel to go in with them and give them a good wash down which she doesn't object too.

They are doing little growls and barks and trying to play together - its so lovely to watch them as they are turning into real little dogs.

The little girl is starting to catch up and is now big enough to have her little collar on.  She is such a little character and eats just as much as the big bruiser boys so she will be catching up with the others pretty rapidly I think :o)

Well heres a few more pictures for you to be going on with - won't be much longer before they will be receiving their visitors.

The smallest girl

Saturday, 22 October 2016


I hope you all appreciate the video because its taken me about 2 flipping hours to work out how to put it on here !!!!!

Trouble is for the life of me I can't remember how I did it now - if I only had a brain :o(

On the move

They're on the Move !!

Well I can't believe that the pups are 2 weeks old already and its getting harder for poor Angel to get into the bed and lay down.  Jimmy and myself are getting dab hands and doing to the scoop and drop action when she tries getting in.  Believe me is not easy with 12 little herberts almost running around after her, thats where the scoop comes in so as to make a gap so angel can drop down :o)

All of them have their eyes just about open now so they're really starting to look like puppies rather than little blobs.  All of them are up on all fours but still do lots of overtaking themselves, doing a somersault and roll to where they were aiming for.  I think they'd put the olympic athletes to shame !!

Yesterday was another milestone as they all had the treat of having their toenails trimmed and collars put on.  They were not amused let me tell you !!  Try keeping hold of a 2 week old little bundle of wriggleness (is that a word), it is not an easy task haha.  The saying 'greased piglets' spring to mind.  Anyway they all got done in the end and them or us were none the worse for wear although we did need a strong coffee when we were finished :o)

Hope you enjoy the latest photograph offering.  As you will see they're growing rapidly and putting on weight like nobodies business although one little brown girl is still quite tiny at the moment.  Although what she lacks in size she more than makes up for in the vocal department !!  Also she's a real cutey x

Monday, 17 October 2016

Better Late than Never :o)

Sorry theres been a bit of a long gap between pictures.  As you can imagine, its been quite busy in this household lately - my other half has been in Portugal for 5 days leaving me to hold the fort.  Not a problem but free time was pretty much non existent.

All the pups are doing nicely and are gaining weight rapidly, some more than others but going by past experience they will all catch up with each other as the time goes on.  All are feeding very well and this morning you can just see the start of their eyes opening.  Just tiny little slits at the moment, so over the next few days they will gradually come open.

Heres some pics taken over the last week for you.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Lazy Monday Morning

Just a quid couple of pics for you - pups are happy and content as you can see :o)

Saturday, 8 October 2016

New Arrivals !!!!!

Angel before the great event - bless her

I'm happy to announce that Angel has produced a beautiful litter of 12 puppies - it was a long birth mainly for me rather than Angel as she had the privilege of sleeping through at least half of it haha!!

There is 2 Brown Roan Boys, 3 White/Orange Boys, 3 Brown Roan Girls and 4 White/Orange Girls.
What a great mix !!!

Once again she's proving to be a great Mum and loving it all so far.  She's really laid back with them and not too clingy which is so nice to see.  She even made sure she had a blast round our top field this morning with the rest of the mob which I must say surprised me.  Of course she didn't stay long, just long enough to partake in the daily apple they all get off the tree :o)

Heres hoping that all goes as smoothly over the next couple of days as its always a bit anxious just in case anything of the mucky variety has been left inside after the birth.  All's well at the moment though, so fingers crossed it continues.

These are the pictures I took this morning of the pups - the first of many !!

Sorry to all the new puppy families that I won't be updating you individually by email but I will put everything on this blog so you can keep up with their progress.  Of course if you have any questions etc please do not hesitate to ring me.  Phoning is better than emailing as as you can imagine spare time to answer emails will be pretty tight but I'm pretty adept at talking on the phone whilst still carrying on with jobs if needed - what can I say - I'm a woman, I can multitask :o)

I know the first questions will be 'when can you visit'?  The answer is 'as soon as they are 4 week-old' so a while yet sorry.

The first visit will literally be just to 'look' as they will still be a little young for cuddling.  Your next visit after that you'll be able to have more interaction with them.

Anyway goodbye for now, dogs need to be fed, enjoy the pictures.  I will put some more on in a few days xx

How did they all fit in!!

Fist Born - Brown Roan Girl x

The Boys

The Girls