Thursday, 15 May 2014

Awwwww :o)

Couldn't resist putting this picture on here.  This title girls favourite place is laying on her back on my lap - what a cutie :o) xx

The Girls

Pretty good recall :o)

In the stream

Thought you would like to see a couple of short little vids of the spinone girls having fun in the sun.  We are so lucky to have this literally on our doorstep with no need to get in the car.  We just come out of our back gate and a few metres away is all this :o)

First time outside

The pups had their first adventure outside yesterday.  Needless to say they had a blast and after the initial five minutes of hovering on the back step looking a bit worried, they ran out onto the patio and didn't look back :o)  The weather has luckily been beautiful this last couple of days so they are outside a lot having a whale of a time.

Brown boy

This little boy was fast asleep on the edge of the bed

Little girl trying to figure out how to get to the newly planted pot

Little boy in the sun

Little boy

Brown boy

Full of mischief little girl

Feeding time 'al fresco'

Brown boy

Worn out after their first outside adventure

They didn't fancy sleeping in the bed today :o)

Barbet pups

Thursday, 8 May 2014

4 weeks old

The pups are now 4 weeks old and are changing so much every day.  They've now been moved out of their 'private' room and into the kitchen so they can interact with everyone that comes into the house and of course all the rest of the doggy family.  They just love being out here amongst all of us and as soon as their eyes open they're shouting to get out of the pen :o)   All of them have great appetites and eat anything thats put in front of them.  As you know I feed a raw diet so they have had chicken, tripe, beef and a small amount of veggies already.  The main diet is a product called Nutriment which is a frozen complete food (raw) which has everything that a pup needs for healthy growth.  Next week I will give them some nice meaty bones which they always LOVE !!

Thanks to Wendy and Julian who came to visit at the weekend for these lovely pictures :o)