Saturday, 30 January 2016

Sad news :o(

Sweet JJ (Netis Groove Master) sadly passed onto Rainbow Bridge 19th January
Run Free lovely boy xxx

Few pics of my mob

Beanz - yes she really did dig this hole !!

Dixie - waiting for dinner


Fancy loves to cuddle

Angel does too :o)

Fancy - taken at ring craft last week.

Few pictures

Heres a few of the pictures that the lovely families of my pups have sent me :o)


On 14th January it was my lovely Lacey's 14th Birthday !!  Just a normal day as far as she was concerned but for me it was a great milestone.  Of course she was spoilt, as she is every day, as at this age she's allowed to do what she wants when she wants and also has what she wants too :o)  She's pretty good for her age even though her eyesight isn't good anymore she gets around well and still loves to trot up to the back field for a jog and finds her way back when she's had enough without any help.  Sometimes she waits at the wrong gate but when we've put her on the right path again she's fine :o)  She also knows when its dinner time and lets me know if its late!!

She totally refused to cooperate with me trying to take a picture of her (she really is a stubborn old devil) so these are some I've taken of her over the last few years.  I don't know how much longer she will be with us but every day is precious - we love you Lacey old girl xxxx

Her favourite place x

A liason in Belgium xx

Sorry its been awhile but at last Ive got in the mood to do a couple of updates of whats been happening here.

I guess the first thing to tell you about is my road trip to Belgium with my good friend and partner in crime, Karen.  We went over with Claude barbet to meet Sylvie (lovely friend from Switzerland) for a 'liaison' with her lovely girl Coco.   It was a bit worrying at first as the date of travel was a day after the terrible events that happened in Paris so the thought of going in the tunnel to Calais was a bit daunting to say the least.  Anyway after checking I had the right passport about a dozen times (remember I took Jims last time) we sent of on our adventures :o)

Arriving at the terminal was like the Marie Celeste as it was totally deserted which we've never seen before.  Maybe a dozen cars were there if that!!

Well as you've gathered we made it there without a hitch and had a good trip to Belgium in good time.
We actually found the hotel without getting lost which is a first for us too as both of us are what you might call 'navigationally challenged' but the trusty satnav didn't let us down :o)
After checking into our very posh room we did the most important job of getting the kettle and tea bags unpacked for a lovely cuppa.  The room was lovely and we had the luxury of our own bathroom unlike our usual cheap and cheerful accommodation.

After half an hour rest up we then went to a friend of Sylvie's to do the mating.  Needless to say Claude and Coco hit it off straight away and everything went according to plan.  Afterwards we took Claude for a walk around the little town which was an experience as they were doing extensive building works there so not easy but Claude is now a dab hand at agility haha.   The evening was great as we met up with Sylvie again, accompanied by her lovely Mum and had the most delicious meal and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the union.

The happy couple on the beach the next day.

The next morning we had a fab walk on the beach which was literally 5 minutes walk from our hotel.  It was very blustery but we all had a great time.  I wasn't going to go back to UK without having a REAL Belgium waffle and we managed to find a cafe that served them.  All I can say is YUM YUM!!!  The most mouthwaterly delicious thing EVER.  We only got one between us as they looked huge but you can bet your bottom dollar that next time we're having one each - too nice to share even with your bezzie mate :o)

The wonderful result of a great weekend - 4 girls and 8 boys all doing well .