Wednesday, 17 July 2013

CLA Game Fair

Well I'm off to the CLA Game Fair tomorrow until Sunday held at Ragley Hall, Warwickshire to help with the 'manning' of the Barbet exhibit along with several other members of the Barbet Club of Great Britain.  I am really looking forward to meeting up with everyone for a weekend full of fun - Karen is kindly letting me bunk in her tent with Ebene so I apologise in advance to Roger, her other half for our behaviour after we've had a couple of glasses of wine in the evening :o)   With the weather like it is at the moment it will be like being in France again - lots of laughs!!!

Of course we will be hopefully introducing lots of people to Barbets during the day - if anyone is planning on going please come and say hello to us all.

Pictures to follow next week ....

Recent Pics of the Barbet litter

These are the 'coloured' pups from Ebene and Etons litter this year now 4 months old :o)

'LUNA'  who lives with her adoring family in Germany 

GiGi whose best friend is a St. Bernard :o)


Thought you might like to see a picture of Claude now hes a year old.  He has grown well and is still loving his gun dog training.  He went on a small local shoot recently and was quite the star apparently :o)    His coat is quite short here as he has had a good trim back to keep him cooler in this hot weather.

Netis Hazzah (Claude)
BVA Hip Score: 3:4
Height 58cms  Weight 23kg

Claude and baby Anouk doing what they love best

More Birthday Wishes

Happy 5th Birthday to the 8 boys and girls in the Netis Groove 'n' Boogie litter.

Cima had a double celebration after she gained her 5th CC at East of England Show under breed specialist Barbara Abbishaw (Hastabbi) earlier this month :o)

So big hugs and slobbery kisses are winging their way to all of them, both here and abroad, from all of us here especially from their Mum and Dad, Lacey and Cenzo xxxx

Sh Ch Netis in the Groove JW ShCM
Well done little Cimmy on your 5th CC

Visit from Jaques

We had a lovely visit from Jaques Barbet a couple of weeks ago.  He had a whale of a time playing with Blossom and the others although Ebene wasn't particularly impressed by her sons return :o)

Birthday Girl

Beanz was 1 year old last week - she wasn't interested in the new toy we bought her but carried this piece of green plastic around for about an hour and went round showing everyone - bless :o)