Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A few more pics

After a hard half an hour run round the kitchen its wind down time with mum.  Both my girls who have the pups are so amazingly good with the other dogs around them.  All the others wash and play with the pups which is so lovely to see and the pups get an awful lot out of it :o)

Beanz is wondering - whats happening here then - is there room for a litt'lun ??
Spot the Barbet

Kitchen antics

Dixie's met her match :o)

Italy meets France - part deux

Once again (as last year) the time came when the Spinone pups met the Barbet pups.  Even though the Barbets are a week younger and quite a bit smaller they more than hold their own with the Spins.   The Spins have been playing out in the kitchen for a few days now so are really bold and have no worries about life outside their pen.  It usually takes them a couple of days to be completely comfortable with it but then as soon as they wake up its a chorus of barks and howls until I let them out.  Today the back door is open for the first time and so far only one has ventured out into the wild blue yonder but by tomorrow they'll be careering round the patio like old hands.
The Barbet are a bit different no sooner was their pen door opened, they were straight out without a backward glance :o)  They were a bit overwhelmed by the Spin pups at first (11 to 6 is not really a fair playing field) but after 5 minutes or so you would think they had been together from the word go.

The Italians are invading French soil !!

Quick clean up from Reba

Friday, 12 April 2013

Puppy pics

Little girl snoozing
The two boys
The two black girls
First meal
Little girl
Everything is going on nicely here at the moment with the new babies.  The Spinone pups are well and truly up and running now and developing their own little personalities, still eating well and loving their meals of raw meat and vegetables.  They lap up their night time milk and weetabix like theres no tomorrow and then cover us with it when they have their last playtime before bed :o)

The Barbet puppies have also had their first meal and so far have enjoyed it too.  Funnily enough they are messier than the Spinone pups were with their first meals and seem to get more 'on them' than 'in them' at the moment, but they are getting better at it each time. They are also moving around a lot more and being more vocal.

Helloooo :o)
Snooze time
Feeding time again
Nannies little helper

Friday, 5 April 2013

New Babies

Congratulations to Unica

Cenzo has sired a lovely litter of 5 boys and 2 girls recently.  Mum is a lovely Italian Import called Unica and all the babies are doing well.  If you would like to know more about this litter please contact Karen Surrall by email :  karen@awelymorspinone.co.uk.

1st Meal

The Spinone pups are 3 weeks old already and you can see by the pictures just what a huge difference just one week makes!  They had their first 'real' meal yesterday and as usual with Spinone babies, they ate it with gusto :o)

 After dinner top up :o)

Barbet Pups 2 weeks old

Pups are growing nicely :o)