Thursday, 31 October 2013

Nearly 5 Weeks

The pups are at that lovely stage when they are all starting to get their own little personalities and are much more aware of whats going on around them.  They're play fighting with each other and when I'm in the pen with them they're all pulling on my trouser legs and as soon as I sit down they're all over me wanting a cuddle and attention.  Such a lovely time :o)

They are eating 3 good meat meals every day and supper of warm milk.  Reba isn't going in too much with them now, usually just after each meal (mainly to lick the bowls) so they can have a little 'top up' and just before they settle down for the night.  Early next week they're next stage will be to come out of the pen and run in the kitchen so fun times ahead :o)

We have had several visitors over the last week by the pups new mums and dads and some of them have taken some lovely pictures which I am putting on here.

I am going to register them with the Kennel Club today and the theme is going to be Madonna songs.  Not that I'm a fan of Madonna but its in remembrance of their Great Grandma Madge who we sadly lost earlier this month.

Making sure theres no more dinner left :o)

Sunday, 20 October 2013

1st Meal

Just a quick post to let you know that the babies have enjoyed their first 'proper meal' of Nutriment raw food. It's specially made for weaning pups and consists of very finely ground chicken carcass and tripe.  To say they loved it is un understatement  :)

Here's a few pics of them:

As you can see, they tucked into it enthusiastically and when they went back into their box they spent the next ten minutes licking the leftovers off each other :o)

Reba then went in to do the real wash and brush up and the pups had a good drink of milk to wash it all down.  They will be having 2 meals a day this week and then building up to 3 by next week.  Spinone pups never have to be encouraged to eat their dinners especially if its raw :o)

Friday, 18 October 2013

Puppy Pics

Sorry folks for the lack of pictures last week.  So much happened and I've been suffering from this 'bug' for the last few days which didn't help :o)

Anyway better late than never, so here they are:

2 weeks old

Taken yesterday

As you can see they are lovely chunky little babies - they all have their eyes open now and have begun to try to play, which is always  funny as they're always falling over when they try to run :o)  They're also barking and getting around the box at  rate of knots.
Tomorrow is a big day for them as they will be having a taste of proper food for the first time so this will be FUN :o)   I will take pictures of them so you can see what a mess they get into.

Vivre la France

We had a flying visit to France to compete in a 2 day dog show with Claude and Anouk (Barbet).  We met up with Wendy, Julian and Nicky with Martha and Hallie and also our friends from Holland, Anne and Wouter with their beautiful girls Alba and Lotus.

We all had a wonderful time with lots of laughs as usual and all the UK dogs did us proud.  Claude was graded Excellent and gained the CACS at the French Champ Show and the CACIB and Best of Breed at the International Ch. Show the next day.  He was also 'Confirmed' by M.Dupas.    Anouk was graded Very Promising (the highest grade a puppy is able to receive) and gained Best Puppy both days.   They both behaved sooo well which Karen and I was so proud of as neither of them had been to a show before.

Claude met his 'soon to be' lady friend Alba and was suitably impressed although he really fell in love with his half sister Lotus :o)  I think he was happy to see another dog who was the same colour as him lol !!


20.03.2003 - 10.10.2013
It is with a very heavy heart that we have had to say goodbye to our beautiful girl Madge who passed away last Thursday.  She was diagnosed with a fast growing tumour in her chest that was in-operable as it was too close to her heart and she had to be put to sleep two weeks later.

She was my first home bred champion and is great great grandmother to the babies I have at the moment.  She was special in so many ways its hard to put my finger on any one thing but I will remember her most for her incredibly sweet nature - she literally loved and wanted to mother everything that she came into contact with and I can quite honestly say that I NEVER heard her growl even in play.  For the last couple of years she had been living with my lovely friend Alison and her two other Spinone, Pie and Ted and huge thanks go to her for loving and caring for her as much as I did.  Alison was always sending me wonderful stories and pictures of what Madge had been up to which I was so grateful for.

She sent me this picture of her just a few days before she died and it really captures what Madge was 'all about ' :o)   I'm so thankful that I went to see her a couple of days earlier, not really knowing that it would be for the last time.

Forget-me-not xxx
Alison is bringing her home soon and she will be laid with her mum, Asti under the oak tree.
We will never forget this very special girl who always made us smile and she will live on in her beautiful progeny.  Night night, God Bless Madge we love you xxxxx

Monday, 7 October 2013


Had these beautiful pictures emailed to me last week from Luna's family in Germany.  She's growing beautifully :o)

The picture below is of an old painting by George Stubbs in 1790 titled 'A Rough Dog'
The markings are very similar don't you think??

Blossom !!!!!!

The last thing I see before I go to sleep xx

My beautiful fuscia is no more, its gone to the big greenhouse in the sky, helped along by Blossom :o)


Just found this lovely picture of Frodo, who is a Reba baby from her last litter.  He's 18 months old now and has been an 'only child' so far.  This is all about to change as he's getting a little sister in a few weeks time from this litter.  He doesn't know what he's in for as Spinone baby girls are usually a lot bossier than the boys :o)  Frodo is such a sweetie though and I'm sure he will be more than happy to share his toys (or not).

Just about to tuck into his lovely dinner of  raw chicken mince and home grown veggies.

One Week Old Already

The pups are now just over a week old and I really can't believe how much they've grown!!  They are real little dumplings and can now move around the box with ease.  Within the next few days their eyes will start to open, there are a few already that have the corners of their eyes just starting to 'split'.  I never tire of seeing this, its always magical when you see their little faces just come to life :o)
Heres a few more pictures of them taken over the last couple of days.

Reba is still being an amazing mummy - she is just so laid back with them and is quite happy to leave them for a little while for a stroll around the back field and to lay out in the sun for a little break.  Of course it goes without saying that she's always ready to come out for all her meals and her milk at bedtime :o)

As most of you know, I always sleep with the pups for the first two weeks of their lives, starting off on the floor for a few days then if all goes well I can graduate to my camp bed until I feel that Mum is quite happy for me to leave her for the night and theres no risk of one of them being laid on.  I must admit that the floor this time was particularly hard for me, I think I must be feeling my age :o(  Anyway thank goodness, now I'm on the camp-bed and its a LOT more comfortable !!  My nightly routine is: 
1.    Give all the dogs their bedtime treat
2.    All out for a pee before bed
3.    Get my bed ready then let all the dogs back in
4.    Try to get Blossom and Angel off my bed
5.    Turn the lights off
6.    Try to get Blossom and Angel off my bed
7.    Get into bed
8.    Try to get Blossom and Angel off my bed
9.    Try to get Blossom and Angel off my bed
10.  Give up trying to get Blossom and Angel off my bed and resign myself to the fact that I have to       share :o)

Dixie and Angel

Blossom thought that offering me a tea towel and looking cute might just persuade me to let her stay on the bed