Saturday, 23 April 2016


Just a pic of my Lacey enjoying her new bed she got for her birthday :o)

Dixie having one of her rare quiet moments :o)

French Pups

The pups in France arrived safely and are now almost 5 Weeks old !!  Mum is Hannah (Netis in the Mood) and Dad is our Frank :o)

Hopefully I'll be going over to see them early June which I'm really looking forward to.  So far two of them are coming to the UK to live so I can keep up with their progress.

There are 2 boys available and if interested then please contact me and I will give you all the contact details.

Pups enjoying the French sunshine :o)


The weather has been so strange lately we have to make the most of when the sun shines, here are some pics of a couple of our walks recently.  I never forget how lucky I am to live with this beautiful woods literally on my doorstep and several beaches within easy distance.

We were joined by a lovely lab for part of our walk :o)

Mud everywhere a couple of weeks ago :o(

What a difference a week makes - it was beautiful walking here yesterday.  The bluebells are stunning to see, not that the girls gave a damn haha.

Fancy's Shows

Fancy has had a busy couple of months getting started on her showing.  Her first was local to me which was a bonus as her morning routine wasn't put out too much (or mine) and she could still have her breakfast which she was pleased about.  She was really good and totally relaxed with all the noises of the show i.e. loudspeakers going off, dogs barking and lots of people :o)

Came away from the show very pleased with her results as she got Best Puppy in Breed and Gundog Puppy Group 2 and the main thing was that she really enjoyed her day.


We have since been to 3 more shows and she has been well placed, the last one being WELKS Champ show yesterday where she got 2 second places in classes of very nice puppies under breed specialist Malcolm Bevan.  I don't think I'll be doing as many shows as in the past but will definitely 'keep my hand in' doing one now and again.  Also I hope to be doing a couple of shows in Europe which I really enjoy as it means we meet up with some friends over there and have a nice break at the same time :o)

She's a funny girl :o)