Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Friday, 25 September 2015

Latest Pics

Daddy Time

Frank is such a lovely Daddy and has the patience of a saint :o)

Wonder if Daddys tail squeaks when you pull it ?

Cuddles with Aunty Donna

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Oh Frank :o)

Frank begging for treats at my sisters window.  If she doesn't realise he's there quickly enough he puts his leg through the bars and bangs on her window :o)

Food for thought

For all the new families preparing to welcome a new addition please take note of the above banner.  Its so important to teach your children to respect the new puppys space.  Don't allow them to wake the puppy up when its sleeping and allow the pup its own safe space that the children are not allowed to enter that space i.e. pups crate etc.  Also no picking up the pup as they are very wriggly and quite heavy too and if they jump out of the childs arms nasty injuries can happen.
Spinone are so tolerate but there is a limit to what they should have to put up with.  I always say to new families that they have to protect the puppy from the children as well as the other way round.  
Of course interaction with the puppy and children is to be encouraged but it must always be supervised.
The best thing is for your child to sit on the floor and play with him/her to begin with and as the pup grows the playtime can grow also.


Anything that dangles is fair game

Who needs a croc when you've got daddy croc


I'm just too cute

Spin cushions

Time for contemplation 

Worn out at last

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Had this lovely picture of Enzo who is now 6 months old and obviously very serious about his puppy studies.  Thank you so much to Anne for keeping the fab pictures coming x

Frank and his fans

We had some lovely visitors all the way from Wales to see the pups but Frank thought they had just come to see him :o)  He thought these little people were the bees knees and I think the feeling was mutual as you can see.  This picture was taken when they were trying to get to the front door but Frank had other ideas haha - bless him.  


Apologies for not updating the puppies progress this week but as you can imagine its been pretty busy here - the pups have been meeting their public for the first time - sometimes they were awake - sometimes not :o)

They took it all in their stride and haven't been fazed by all the oohs, ahhs and cuddles they've received over the last few days.  They are all eating well and love their bedtime drink of milk.  Angel is not so attentive as she was and pretty much only goes in to them a couple of times a day.  She's also quite happy to show them off to everyone thats come here :o)

Yesterday they came out of their pen and had huge fun bombing around the kitchen terrorising whatever dog is in with them.

Well I hope that the videos here make up for the lack of piccies this week.

All worn out after their kitchen  adventures :o)

5 Weeks

5 Weeks

Angel Pups

Tuesday, 8 September 2015