Sunday, 31 August 2014


Just had to put this on of the damage one Spinone can do in the space of about 3 seconds :o)  After the flooding of earlier this year the whole of our patio has had to be lifted and relayed so Jim made a start so its going to be finished before the pups are ready to come outside and run around (thats the plan anyway) so obviously we have to do it in sections otherwise the dogs can't get out.  Well all was going fine and we managed to get up quite a big section of slabs and lay down the hardcore, Jim then concreted a section and put up the barriers to keep the dogs off.  Italia obviously had the devil in her as she took one look at it, got through the smaller gap ever, went once round the concrete and out again.  She never attempted to go on it again but she just had to do it!!!

Luckily it doesn't really matter as the slabs have got to go on top of it so none of it will show :o)  The next day I decided not to tempt fate again and we all headed off to the beach for a few hours while Jim did another section of concrete.

2 weeks old already!

Heres the latest pictures for you of the babies who are already two weeks old - I really can't believe it!!
They've all got their eyes open now and are scooting round their box at speed :o)  Poor Dori is finding it harder by the day to go into the box and lay down without sitting on one.

Anyway enjoy the pictures and as usual I will put more on as the days go by.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Fun at the Beach

This is just a short little video of Italia, Cenzo and Angel a the beach recently :o)

Dixie is totally fearless where water is concerned - the sea was really rough this day but she didn't bat an eyelid, all she was interested in was getting her stick :o)

Bits and Bobs to finish off

Just a few pics .....

Old Lacey decided that this was the best place to sleep in a thunderstorm

Lacey again and Italia in the background pointing butterflies :o)

The start of the new Duck house

Angel in her 'nest'

The start of the stripping marathon begins

I found this puff ball mushroom with about 4 others in the field.
Dont know how it grew there as we've never had any before

Other news

                                      Couldn't resist putting this on - its sooo me hahahaha :o)

I don't often put anything on here about my family as you know its usually just about the dogs and other animals we have here, but I must put on that I am so proud of my granddaughter for winning another Gold Certificate at school this year.  She has won one every year since she started and its awarded for exemplary behaviour, being a good scholar and making a positive contribution to the school.   She obviously takes after her Nannie :o)    Well done Ellie, we're very proud of you xxx

Ellie in the middle - she'll kill me when she sees this !!

It was also my daughters 40th Birthday so double celebration for the human family :o)  I don't like talking about this much as I have to admit to being old enough to have a 40 year old daughter :o(((

Thanks for the picture Ellie xx

Its been a fabulous month for the NETIS show boys and girls.  Even though I haven't  been showing anything myself for quite some time there are still several of my breeding (Spinone and Barbet) that are being shown by other friends.
I won't bore you with all the details as it already on my News Page but we've had 2 CC's, 1 RCC and 2 Group Wins awarded this month and I'm so pleased and proud of them all.
Claude Barbet was confirmed as a French Champion this month also, the first british born and bred Barbet  to achieve this, closely followed by Hallie bred by Julie McDougal :o)  It was a really fun trip to France with everyone and I'm so pleased that I was there to see them both get their final points for the Championship, it was a very proud moment for me.

Yayyy way to go Claude and Karen!!!!

Hannah (Netis in the Mood) has just passed her TAN (Natural working aptitude Test) in France with flying colours and hopefully this is the last hurdle for her to also apply for her French Championship Title.  I will of course keep you updated on that.

Last but certainly not least the lovely Frodo (Netis Stand by Me) won his Gold Good Citizen Certificate, no mean feat!!  Well done to Frodo and of course Emily :o)

About Time Too !!!!

Apologies once again to the people who have been patiently waiting for pictures of the new arrivals.  No excuse really apart from the fact I always 'start' to update this blog then the phone rings or someone comes round or I need to see to the pups and the list goes on.  Jim always says I've got the attention span of a goldfish and I think he's probably right :o)
Well anyway once again better late than never hehe.

The pups were born on 16 August - mum is Dori (Miss Nugent) and Dad is Silver (Davidensi's Silver at Sanjika) and we had 6 girls and 4 boys.  They are now a week and  half old and seem to grow before my very eyes at a rate of knots!  All little chubbies at the moment and of course Dori is being a fab mum.


Just born

This may look like they're in prison but actually this is my view looking out from my bed in front on the whelping box :o)

A few days old

One Week Old

These 3 pictures were taken this morning

The pups are now moving around a lot and their eyes are starting to open, you can just see little slits at the corners and they will be open I would think within the next few days.
I have now graduated from my air bed on the floor in front of the whelping box to a camp bed just outside the room so I can still keep an eye on them.  The top picture is my view when I wake up in the morning - couldn't get any better :o)