Sunday, 19 May 2013

Still Searching

This little black girl is still looking for her forever family - she's a real sweetheart :o)

No Angel we CAN'T keep her :o)

Lazy afternoon

Sorry Jim, couldn't resist putting this on :o)

Random pics

I need a bigger crate :o)

Puppy pile getting smaller

Yummy bones

New Addition

As you know, I kept a Spinone pup from this litter and after days of going though names that we can call her we were no further to choosing one.  Well as it happened she chose her own name in the end as  'Blossom" was the only one she would respond to !!  So Blossom it is :o)

Catch Up

Well the last two weeks have been manic, starting with the Spinone pups going off one by one to take over their new families :o)  The hardest part is working out the times for everyone to come to pick up their new babies so we don't get 'overlaps' as I like to have lots of time for each one to go through all the information in the puppy pack and making sure the diet sheets etc are understood.  As well as juggling the times for pick ups this also has to be fitted in with pups feeding times so hopefully they won't have any wobbly tummies on the journey home - not easy when you have ten pups/families!!

Anyway all went according to planned (almost) and all the pups are now well and truly settled in and doing well.  Everyone has contacted me to let me know that they are very happy :o)

The Barbet pups started to go a few days later - so again the juggling act started although it was easier this time as the pick ups were a lot more spread out.

My good friend Karen, came from Wales with the lovely Claude (Barbet boy from last litter) to pick up her little girl.  Her girl has always been the 'liveliest' of the litter so her gang were warned that all peace would be shattered when she arrived back home :o)   Karen combined the visit with having Claudes' hip x-rays done - all went well even though Claude disgraced himself by peeing up the wall (thank goodness not on the x-ray machine).  His hips look very good so fingers crossed for another low score for the Barbet bred in UK.   Karen left for home on Friday afternoon and arrived in one piece that evening.  The pup travelled well and by all accounts was not fazed at all when she met the Spinone gang - not sure we can say that about the poor Spinone who didn't know what had hit them :o)

Then on Saturday evening the Gerber family arrived all the way from Germany to meet their new baby Luna.  They came back at 6.30 am today to pick her up to start her new adventure.  They are already in contact with the family that picked up Henry last year so it will be great for them all to get together and compare notes.

It seems so quiet here now with only one Spinone pup and one Barbet pup.  I still need to find the Barbet pup her forever home and hopefully it won't take too much longer for the right people to come along.

I must admit though it is going to be nice to have my life back now and actually to be able to get out of the house for the first time in about 8 weeks.

I'm looking forward to having more time to enjoy the pup I have kept :o)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Dori and Angel

Dori trying her best to ignore the brood :o)

Its been a hard day for Angel trying to keep all those puppies in order !!!!

Just pics

Sadly these will be the last pictures posted of all the puppies together.  Tomorrow is the day that the first Spinone pup goes - seems to have come round so quickly and still can't quite get my head round the fact that by Sunday they will all be gone :o(  Its always a bitter sweet time when the pups go off to their new lives.  One one hand I am so sad to see them go, but on the other hand I know that they are going to lovely families who will spoil them rotten and give them the one to one time that they need now.   One little girl will be staying here, so of course they will be pictures of her on here as she grows.

Spin Cushion

Barbet Cushion
Cuddles from Ellie
Sooo Cute :o)
Little Boy

The Great Outdoors

All the pups are now having big time fun charging around the patio like things possessed and thankfully the weather has been just perfect.  The toilet training is going pretty well and apart from a few accidents they all go outside or on the newspaper that I've got down in the kitchen.  My mop is looking pretty sorry for itself now so I'll have to invest in a new one asap :o)

                             First time out - a bit scary at first but they soon got the hang of it.

Enjoying their bones in the sunshine :o)