Thursday, 25 September 2014

So much to do, so little time ....

As the title suggests, there is a never ending list of jobs to do with the pups and of course my own dogs there is little time for anything else.  Trying to fit in visits from new owners and friends who wants to come for their puppy fix is getting harder and harder :o)
Thankfully the weather has been on my side because as soon as the puppies wake up they now want to come out of their pen and cause as much chaos as they can !!!  Also the phone seems to be permanently welded to my ear and we won't even get started on how much paperwork I have to do :o)
Even though its hard work I wouldn't have it any other way and love every minute of it.

Its getting harder and harder to take pictures of the little herberts as they don't stay still for longer than a nano second but here are a few to look at ...

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Progress so far

The pups are now almost 5 weeks old and are really mobile and vocal (especially one in particular) making it known that they don't want to stay in their run as soon as their eyes are open.

They have also been eating solids and of course they are typical Spinone and just LOVE their food !!

As you can imagine their little lives are now a series of 'firsts', each one more exciting than the next :o)

Their first taste of meat

Their first adventure outside the pen

Quick top up from Mum after their dinner

Getting to play with all their new toys

All the puppies new families have now been to meet them and everybody is getting sooo excited at the thought of bringing them home.   Hope everyone is making the most of the peace and quiet before the new member of the family arrives and totally takes over their lives, don't say I didn't warn you all :o)

All worn out after their adventures in the big outdoors

They've found a new toy :o)

They've met all the other dogs face to face now and are especially fond of Beanz and Dixie who are both really sweet with them.  Italia like to kiss them through the gate but when they are directly with her she's not that fussed about taking notice of them, she's much more interested in gathering up all their toys for herself.  She managed to get 4 toys in her mouth at once so far but she's working on more hahaha :o)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Italia Again!!

Italia has taken advantage of the fact that the fence has been taken down around the hot tub due to the fact that the patio has to be relayed - little devil.  Luckily the top was on though :o)

Puppy Pics and other stuff

I thought this was a wonderful way of describing how our beloved friends leave us.  I don't know who wrote this piece but whoever did has obviously really loved their dogs.

This is just a mixture of pictures of the pups during the last week.  They have graduated this week to the kitchen and have had their first meat meal which they loved.  They're getting more vocal by the day and its so funny watching and listening to them try to play :o)  They are of course getting ready to meet and greet their public starting next weekend and I'm sure there will be a lot of cameras flashing !!

This little boy is determined to get higher than the rest of the gang - the pictures were taken a week apart and he was sound asleep on the shelf - theres always one eh hehe :o)