Saturday, 21 March 2015

2 Weeks Old

Puppies are two weeks old already.  They all have their eyes open now but only just, so still not seeing really properly.  They're getting around their box a lot quicker and Reba has a hard job getting in and laying down without sitting on one :o)

I apologise for the quality of some of these pictures.  I usually use my camera phone but I've now got a 'proper' camera and have to get used to what settings to put on to take certain pictures, which doesn't always go the way I intend haha.  I think I'm in dia need of a few lessons :o)

Mr Orange

Mr Yellow

Mr Blue

Miss Purple

Mr Green

Mr Black

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

More Pics

They all had their new collars on yesterday so you will be able to see how each one progresses - they look soooooo cute :o)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Day 4

Couple more pictures for you of the pups - all doing well so far and as you can probably see they have all put on weight.  Reba is being a wonderful Mum as usual and is loving being fed 3/4 times a day :o)
She's so laid back with her babies which make life easier and this morning she was sharing my bed with me when I woke up!!


Ive just come across this picture of Frankie taken at Christmas, he's grown a bit since then but he's still a big softy :o)

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Another one

Whoops forgot to put this one on :o)

New Arrivals

Well as you can imagine its been a busy weekend here with the babies arriving.  The final count is 5 Boys and 1 Girl :o)  Mum and babies are doing well so far and all seem content.

I will be putting more pictures on from time to time but here are the first couple taken the day they were born.

Little girl on the right and little boy on left doing a pretty good impression of Yoda :o) 

First feed altogether

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Babies due any minute

As we speak Reba (Netis Born to Boogie) is making her bed ready to have her new babies.  Dad is Torres owned by Inostracani Kennel and is an Italian Import.  Fingers crossed for a safe delivery - I will be doing regular updates on here as usual so watch this space :o)

Reba taken recently


The last 6 months in a nutshell :o)

The last six months has been a bit of a whirlwind and I apologise for not keeping this blog updated with the goings on.  This is a potted version of whats happened :o)

As you gathered all the puppies went of to their new homes and have taken over their families.  Everyone has said that they are happy and healthy and alls well which is fab news.  Greg Knight of Rural Shots came over and took some fabulous pictures of the pups which I promised people that I would send them on a CD but so far I havn't got around to doing - promise I will soon!!
In the meantime here are a few of the images Greg took.

I would highly recommend Greg to you if you want some stunning pictures of your dogs.  Although he specialises in animal photography he takes all genres and I can quite honestly say that Ive never seen a bad photograph that he's taken yet!!  Look him up and see his work its beautiful :o)


Karen and myself did a quick trip to Holland to attend the Dutch Barbet Club Show.  We had a great time meeting up with friends and also with Barbet owners we hadn't met before.  Very proud to say that Oolis daughter Lotus won Best in Show and all the Barbet sired by british bred dogs did very well indeed.
We stayed in a really nice hotel and had the most beautiful dinner with great company.

I must say it made a real nice change to stay in a nice hotel rather than the very basic F1 Motels that we usually stay in on our flying visits to France.  We did however have one nervous breakdown moment when discovered that they didn't supply a kettle in the room!!!!  For anyone that knows Karen and myself you will know how horrified we were to think that we could make copious amount of tea whenever we needed it.  It all turned out ok though as Anne and Wouter came to our rescue by bringing a kettle of theirs from home :o)   Phew that was a close shave haha.

We traveled back to Calais for our trip home where we were meeting our good friend Keith who very kindly had picked up 2 Spinone boys from Italy for me.  We met at Pet Passport Control and I was so excited to meet the boys that would hopefully bring fresh bloodlines into my breeding for the future.  I wasn't disappointed as they were all I'd hoped they'd be.  Frankie is a Brown Roan and Urio is a White and Orange.  They're both soooo loving and very outgoing and bold, so far so good :o)  Frankie spent a lot of the trip home poking his head through the grill trying to sit on our laps in the front but apart from that they travelled like a dream although at one stage Frankie was  doing a great impression of a Davey Crockett hat - the picture tells it :o)

They settled in quickly and my dogs thought they were great so it couldn't have gone any better.  It had been arranged that they would both be living with friends so they could get the individual attention that they would need as youngsters but like all good plans it didn't work out like that in the end.  Frankie is still with us (he won't go anywhere else now) and Urio (now Gino) is living close by so will still see him regularly.  Hopefully they will both be able to contribute some positive aspects to UK Spinone.


On 15 December a lovely Spinone litter was born in France belonging to my friends Keith and Irene Barratt.  Mum is a girl that I bred (Netis in the Mood) and a very nice boy in Italy called Urano owned by Roberto (dei Morenici kennel).  She had 9 boys and only 1 girl and I travelled over to see them last month when they were 8 weeks old and had a lovely couple of days playing with puppies and Keiths beautiful horses (wish I could have stayed longer) and as a bonus the weather was really nice too :o)

The vet did his visit while I was there to do their microchip and first inoculation and all got a clean bill of health.  One thing that I did find interesting with the vet is that the French put the microchips into the left side of the pups neck.  I asked why and he said that its because the inoculations or other injections they have to have doesn't go into the same area as the microchip - I think thats pretty sensible!! 
The pups were really gorgeous and if there had been some girls one of them would have definitely been coming back here :o)  Big thanks to Keith and Irene for their hospitality.


I havn't been to a show for several months now but I got good news recently to say that my boy Marco (Netis Got to be There) owned by Marie and Trevor Green, gained his third CC to make him a Show Champion.  Of course I'm very proud of him and this is my 4th homebred UK Champion :o)
I didn't get to Crufts this year for the first time in I don't know how long but was pleased to hear that Cima got a very respectable 2nd place in a strong class of 16 bitches so well done to her and Sally.

Sh Ch Netis Got to be There


                                                    This picture is just for Beanie fans :o)