Saturday, 19 January 2013

My back garden :o)

The Snow

Well the rain has now turned to snow and the dogs just LOVE it!!  I must admit I prefer it too, having a respite from the constant mud for the moment.  Probably be a different story when it all melts.


Ooli with his snowman

Clever Claude

Congratulations Claude and well done Karen for passing his Obedience Test with flying colours. This was a surprise test with an independent examiner coming in on one of his usual training days. What a clever boy :o)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Birthday Girl

It was Lacey's (Netis Brezza) 11th Birthday yesterday and I still can't quite believe that all that time has past since she was born.  We always called her Nora Batty when she was a pup as when she stood up all her loose skin seemed to congregate around her ankles :o)  She is thankfully still fit and healthy only having occasional stiffness when she gets up after being laid down for a long time (don't we all).  She's the first dog that I had bred that I took into the show ring and considering we were both totally 'green' in the art of showing she did really well gaining a CC, a couple of reserve CC's and a number of first places.  It was never really her 'thing' though, she much preferred bombing round the woods so after a couple of years we decided enough was enough.  Her brothers and sisters are still going strong too which is lovely.

Lacey and Beanz yesterday

Lacey at around 18 months


Well we had a pretty quiet Christmas here (as quiet as it can be with my lot) as Jimmy and myself had this horrible cold and cough bug thats been doing the rounds and both of us ended up on antibiotics.
Lisa and Ellie came to stay as usual which the dogs were happy about as they know they're always in line for treats :o)

It was a juggling act trying to stop the dogs pinching Ellie's Moshi Monsters that she got for Christmas and the most interesting to them was the Furby who they all through was fair game but miraculously it survived in one piece!!
The girls scrounging for Ellie's pavlova 
Angel and Furby standoff