Saturday 13 May 2017

Better Late than Never


Well I've been well and truly told off for the lack of postings this year and its been duly noted - no excuse really just me being lazy :o)

In January my lovely old girl Lacey (Netis Brezza) reached the grand age of 15 years !!  She's still in good health at the moment and manages to go for a trot around the back field every day and even breaks into a run every now and again.  Even though she is practically blind and deaf now its amazing how she negotiates her way around and still thinks she's the boss of all the other giving them a telling off if they get too rambunctious !!

Heres a few pictures of her taken over the years.

15 Years Young xxxxxxxx
She can still get up into a comfy seat :o)

5 months old with her beautiful mum Asti

Learning to stand for the show

Her favourite position :o)

6 Months

Lacey with her daughters Ena and Elsie and her sister Madge

She loved to swim :o)

Aged 13 years with Ellie

She's still stubborn as they come and always knows when I've got a brush in my hand and does a runner so usually she looks like an unmade bed but I guess at this age she's entitled to look however she wants :o)  Of course we know that the day will come sooner rather than later that we will have to say goodbye to her but we take each day as it comes and cherish every moment xxx

We've been on several get togethers at West Wittering Beach and it was lovely to see a couple of the pups from last year and also several of the other Netis gang :o)

Hitching a lift :o)

Manny & Molly - I think they remembered each other !!

Heres a couple of pics of the pups as they're growing

Manny giving cuddles xx


Wilma x

Rufus x


Alice having a story before her buddy goes to school x

Heres a picture of Lucca who is now resident with his family in Singapore where he's a big celebrity as by all accounts he's the only Spinone !!  Apparently a coach load of Malaysian tourists were all taking pictures of him the other day lol :o)

Being famous is hard work :o)

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